Planning A Kitchen Renovation: Everything You Need To Consider

The kitchen: the heart and hearth of the home. A place that feels like it’s never changed but has probably changed quite a lot over the years. There’s a sense of “home” to a kitchen that you just can’t find in any other room. It’s full of memories, from a parent teaching their child how to bake, to that first party you had in the garden when you were a kid and the many summertime barbeques that gathered your family. 

It’s an inviting, nostalgic room. Therefore, it’s important to renovate it the way that you want to, while considering the best advice available. 

Your needs

Consider your wants and your needs. A kitchen is a big room to renovate – not necessarily in size, but because it has so many amenities and so many needs to fit into one room. Breaking down your renovation plan into steps will make this huge project feel a lot more manageable. Also, you can also call the experts at Newcastle Kitchen Renovations.

Clear out all of the rubbish, old appliances that don’t work, crockery and utensils that you don’t want, and get ready to get down to business. Once everything that you don’t want is gone, look at what you have left, and keep a list of items to be replaced. 

Next, consider items that you didn’t have but would like to purchase for your new kitchen. Stick to the internal workings of the kitchen first, such as appliances and utensils, the overall design comes in the next step. 

Designing your new kitchen

Stop! Don’t spend any money just yet. Ask yourself what theme you want for your kitchen. This doesn’t mean an actual theme for many people (like western, antique, Victorian, etc.), but it might for you. Usually, a theme will include a color palette, which will be incredibly helpful to you later on. 

Start assigning colors to your appliances, counters, cupboards, and all the other items that you have or want in your kitchen. You might decide to keep your current cupboards etc., so make sure the new items you’re buying don’t clash with existing colors in the room. On that note, this is also where you might decide on new paint colors and flooring if you’re renovating the room in its entirety. 

At the moment, you probably have a couple of different lists and things might start feeling confusing. When you have the time, sketch out your kitchen, get some measurements written down, and make sure everything will be perfect where you’re planning to use it. 

Get inspired

Not everyone can design a kitchen off the top of their head without any help. Look towards blogs, kitchen showrooms, and social media channels like Pinterest for some great design ideas. Create your mood boards and keep your lists and sketch updated as you go along. 


When it’s time to start buying the products and items that you need, be on the lookout for discounts, sales, first-time buyer reductions online, and the like. Your kitchen could be a bargain renovation with some money knocked off the price tag.